Steering Committee

The Network is led by a Steering Committee whose members direct Network activities and engage with different sectors in order to ensure its relevance.

Active Committee Members

Martine Barons is the Director of the Applied Statistics and Risk Unit. Martine had a career in business and finance before studying Mathematics later and becoming an academic. She specialises in modelling of human systems, with particular emphasis on decision support in domains from medicine to pollination. Martine is also skilled in the use of structured expert judgement elicitation.

Martine is a Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Geoff Darch
Geoff Darch

Geoff Darch is a Chartered Scientist who specialises in long-term planning and risk, related to climate and socio-economic uncertainties. He is Principal Systems Planner within the supply-demand strategy team at Anglian Water, which develops long-term plans for water resources and water recycling. Geoff is a guest lecturer at the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, and sits on several climate change working groups including at CIWEM, BSI, and ISO.

Charles Featherston
Charles Featherston

Charles Featherston is currently the Head of Horizon Scanning and Futures at the Government Office for Science. Before joining government his research interests were in foresight; innovation systems; and science, technology, and innovation policy. He has a PhD in System Dynamics and Scenario Planning from the Australian National University.

Simon French has spent some four decades researching decision-making and acting as a consultant across the public and private sectors. He has been particularly involved in crisis management. Semi-retired, he still works in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick and is a member of several projects relating to decision analysis.

In 2017 Simon French was awarded the Ramsey Medal by the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society.

Richard Heap is a Horizon Scanning Engineer at the Energy Systems Catapult.  He has undertaken a number of projects addressing technological and social issues both in the energy sector and in science, more generally at the Energy Research Partnership and Royal Society. He is leading the Network’s activities on Energy Futures.

Lucas Kruitwagen is a Research Assistant on the Sustainable Finance Programme, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. Lucas researches engagement on and disclosure of environment-related risks between companies and investors. Lucas is also a Visiting Researcher at Imperial College London where he researches organisational decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Polina Levontin is a visiting researcher at Imperial College. She is interested in how uncertainties in scientific advice may be communicated and, in particular, visualised.

She is leading the Network’s activities on the visualisation of uncertainty.

Nick Mabey is Chief Executive and a founder director of E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism) a non-profit European organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition to sustainable development.

Craig Smalley is a visiting professor in the Department of Earth Science & Engineering at Imperial College. He runs an active consultancy that provides companies and organizations in the petroleum sector with technical advice, tools, and training to improve their business processes, including risk management and decision making. Craig spent most of his career at BP, where he was Senior Advisor in risk management, and founded and ran an internal global network for risk, uncertainty and decision-making.

Emma Soane is a Chartered Psychologist and an assistant professor in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Emma studies organisational risk and she teaches organisational behaviour and leadership to postgraduate and executive students.

Jo Lindsay Walton is a Research Fellow in Digital Humanities/Critical and Cultural Theory (Media and Film) at the University of Sussex. His research has involved interdisciplinary research across arts and humanities and science disciplines, collaboration between academic and non-academic partners, and ethics and science communication across diverse stakeholders and publics. He is also an experienced editor and publisher.

Mark Workman is a specialist in strategic foresight. He assists organisations in developing novel insights about risks and opportunities that might develop in different possible futures.

Members of the Steering Committee
currently on Sabbatical

Mark Burgman is Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College. He works on risk analysis, conservation biology, ecological modelling, environmental policy and expert judgement.

Mark is on temporary sabbatical from the Network, due to being committed to a substantial portfolio of work.

David Leslie from the Statistics and Data Science Institute, Lancaster, is currently on sabbatical from the Network due to being committed to a substantial portfolio of work.

Kaveh Madani has taken up a new role at Yale in January 2019.
He is currently on sabbatical from the Network.

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