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2021 Climate Risk Summit

Part of a series of workshop sessions led by experts from the UCL Climate Action Unit and the Analysis Under Uncertainty for Decision-Makers Network.


March 2019 Workshop

Prince Philip House
Workshop: Decision-Making Under Deep Uncertainty

May 2018 Workshop

The Shard
Do we have common perceptions of uncertainty

February 2018 Workshop

Royal Geographic Society
What do Decision Makers Want from the Analytical Community

February 2016 Workshop

Imperial College London
Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty Workshop

May 2015 Workshop

Imperial College London
The role of game theory tools for the strategic analysis of decision-making processes in energy and resources policy design.
Decision Support Tools Catalogue

“Decision Support Tools for Complex Decisions Under Uncertainty” catalogue for the Analysis Under Uncertainty for Decision-Makers (AU4DM) network.

Visualising Uncertainty Catalogue

“Visualising Uncertainty, a Short Introduction” catalogue for the Analysis Under Uncertainty for Decision-Makers network (pdf).

You can also order a hardcopy on Amazon (at production cost).

2018-2020 Action Plan

The AU4DM Network 2018–2020 Action Plan was produced in collaboration with the network.

AU4DM believes that taking a holistic view of the processes around decision‑making will improve the decisions at each point within an overarching decision-‘system.’