Do we have common perceptions of uncertainty

3. May 2018

The Shard

The workshop ran four simulations in parallel, each with the same scenario described and presented in the same way. The key objective of these simulations was to identify what issues, events, behaviours, responses, etc. the participants perceive as being uncertain in the scenario, and whether these are broadly common across groups.


This will allow better understanding of how decision-makers and their advisors perceive uncertainty in complex decisions across the public and private sectors and how we can design analyses that truly address and explore their concerns, clarify their thinking, and support their decision-making.

  • Discussion of tools and analytical methods available for deliberating on complex decisions with significant uncertainty—see link for presentation and this link for catalogue.
  • Brief feedback on the morning’s simulations—this will be forthcoming once the data has been analysed.

The Shard
Level 17
32 London Bridge St