What do Decision Makers Want from the Analytical Community?

27 Feb 2018 9:00 - 28 Feb 2018 13:00Royal Geographical Society


On 27th and 28th February 2018, a workshop was held at the Royal Geographical Society to discuss Analysis under Uncertainty for Decision-makers.  The workshop attracted a broad set of audiences Including defence, water, energy, forestry, engineering sector and academia.

The workshop sought to develop a better understanding as to how to co-create experiences to:

  • understand the type of information relevant to decision-makers and how to convey this effectively;
  • use simulations and immersive processes to develop empathy as to the considerations of the issues that decision-makers have to contend with when making decisions;  and
  • allow analysis of process to understand the end-to-end perspective in decision-making.

The workshop: 

  • Developed information sharing, networking, and cross-sectoral collaboration opportunities; and
  • Identify new capacity to support organisational decision-making needs across academia, industry and policy.

The follow material and presentations from the workshop are now available for download:

The Key Note speech by Geoff Mulgan

Session I: Pop-up Talks overview presentation

  • Brian Efird - KAPSARC
  • Kris DeMeyer - Kings College London
  • Jim Maltby – DSTL
  • Sunny Modhara - Network Rail

Session II: Pop-up Talks overview presentation

  • Leonard Smith - London School of Economics
  • Michal Petr - Forestry Commission
  • Martine Barons - Warwick University

Workshop report A summary workshop report is available here.

The report summarises the following additional exercises that were undertaken at the Workshop:

A set of three simulations in three very different contexts and over 3 different timescale:

  • COBRA - Crisis response to a Major Incident. This session simulated the tactical/strategic response to a major emergency incident in a city centre location;
  • Brexit - Supply Chain Impacts of Brexit. The second simulation considered a company which is part of several supply chains with EU and other international partners beyond the UK; and
  • Oil & Gas - The 2 Degree Pathways Investment Simulation. This session made participants better understand the choices and trade-offs companies and investors face in the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • A decision-making panel was convened by Nick Mabey to assess what decision-makers want from the analytical community; and
  • Finally, a feedback session was held between the workshop organisers and delegates to capture how to take the agenda forwards in the UK decision-making under uncertainty arena - which was articulated into an Action Plan 2018-20 - see link.

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Workshop Press Release A press release with feedback from attendees of the workshop can be found here