Climate Risk Summit, 29 September – 1 October

AU4DM collaborated with the UCL Climate Action Unit to deliver interactive workshops for the COP26 Universities Network. You can watch Jo Lindsay Walton’s lecture on Visualising Climate Risk below. Jo is a Research Fellow in Critical and Cultural Theory – Sussex Humanities Lab.

The conference took place over 3 days, complete with panel sessions and workshops to tackle the following:

29 September

Day One: ‘Characterising Climate Risks’.
Three 90 minute sessions between 11.15AM and 4.15PM

30 September

Day Two: ‘Building Resilience to Climate Hazards’.
Three 90 minute sessions between 11.15AM and 4.15PM

1 October

Day Three: ‘Communicating Climate Risk – an Interactive Workshop’
A series of sessions led by experts from the UCL Climate Action Unit and the Analysis Under Uncertainty for Decision-Makers Network.

For more information about the program, please visit the conference website:

Cambridge Zero has published a post on the summit on their blog HERE.

A toolkit on Communicating Climate Risk is in preparation and will be made available soon!