About Us

The Analysis under uncertainty for Decision-makers Network (AU4DM) is a community of researchers and professionals from policy, academia and industry who are seeking to develop a better understanding of decision making, to build capacity and improve the way decisions are made across sectors and domains. AU4DM believes that taking a holistic view of the processes around decision making will improve the decisions at each point within an overarching decision `system’.

Our work is aimed at Decision Makers which the Network defines as those who are engaged in the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities which produces a final choice, which may or may not prompt action.  They are involved in the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on values, preferences and beliefs.

AU4DM was launched in May 2015 with the express aim to provide a better understanding of problems faced by Decision Makers in terms of:

  • What they want to inform their decisions;
  • The institutional architectures within which decisions are made; and
  • The circumstances and incentives decision makers have to make their decisions.

The Network is interested in understanding decision making from an end to end perspective, including:

  • Problem definition and framing;
  • The tools available to assist decision makers and their value in making decisions;
  • The interactive processes that take place between decision makers, policy makers and analysts;
  • Explaining risks and uncertainties; and
  • Communicating to relevant audiences throughout the decision making process.

The Network's members are researchers, analysts, policy makers and decision makers who wish to better understand decision making from policy, academia and industry sectors both UK centric and internationally.

The Network is led by a Steering Committee who direct the activities of the Network and engage with different sectors in order to ensure its relevance to the Network members.

Network colleagues include: the Energy Systems Catapult, Defence Science and Technology Laboratories, E3G, Anglian Water, Natural England, Strategy Foresight, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Energy Futures Lab, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Involvement and Participation Association, Shell, BP, Ofgem, Network Rail, National Power amongst many others.